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Cane Toad Control In Estero, FL

Protect Your Pets & Eliminate Poisonous Cane Toads From Your Property In Estero, FL

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Rhinella marina, an invasive species of toad, first came to Florida in the 1930s and 1940s. These toads were used to control agricultural pests in sugar cane, earning them their common name of cane toads. They are also known as giant toads due to their size or the bufo toad after the poisonous bufotoxin they secrete to defend against predators. Unfortunately, the predators are often beloved pets, and the potent milky-white toxin can sicken or kill them in as little as 15 minutes, so defending your property against these dangerous amphibians is crucial to keeping your entire family safe, including your cherished pets.

The best way to eliminate cane toads from your Estero property is to partner with us at Quest Termite & Pest Services. Our highly trained pest control professionals are experts in the informed removal of common Estero area pest threats. Additionally, we offer stress-free home pest management services in Estero and other professional wildlife trapping services throughout Estero and surrounding areas.

Our Estero Cane Toad Elimination Process

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The first step in successfully eliminating harmful cane toads is to thoroughly inspect your property to locate potential harborage sites and accurately identify any cane toads. This process can be tricky since they closely resemble the harmless native southern toad. Fortunately, we have done our research and know what to look for.

Upon identifying the cane toad on your property, your technician will begin the professional installation of the world’s only touchless cane toad trap, Cane Catcher®. Professional animal trappers created this innovative cane toad solution to attract cane toads and safely eradicate them from client homes. Each Cane Catcher® trap requires regular servicing that includes disposing of toads and rebaiting and resetting the device, which we will schedule weekly.

Some steps you can take to help deter cane toads from your property include keeping your grass cut short, filling in holes around structures, and keeping your yard free of debris and clutter. Regular maintenance of your yard reduces harborage sites for cane toads and several other unwanted pests on your property.

Get Started With Professional Cane Toad Control Services In Estero, FL

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Being a pet owner comes with much responsibility; after all, it’s your job to protect and keep them safe from things they don’t realize are dangerous, like cane toads. Luckily, you don’t have to face these pest pressures alone. We do our research at Quest Termite & Pest Services and take the ongoing education on area pests very seriously. So when you have pest problems in our pest control service areas, you can count on us to deliver the solutions that keep your property safe. Contact us for more information or to schedule our services!

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