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How To Keep Subterranean Termites Out Of Your Estero Home

March 15, 2022 - Termites

Termites are an Estero homeowner’s worst nightmare. Despite what their name implies, subterranean termites are a considerable threat and among the most destructive termites species. That means preventing these termites from invading your home is just as crucial as preventing drywood termites. The good news is that termite control experts—such as ours at Quest Termite & Pest Services— can help deny these pests the opportunity to damage your property.

Signs Of Subterranean Termites On Your Estero Property

If you have active termites on your property, chances are you won’t know it for a while. One of the worst things about a termite problem is just how long you can have one before you finally take notice. Termites of all varieties live either inside or directly underneath their food sources. That means they don’t have to forage for food like ants, rarely walking far from their hidden nests. They can get food right where they live and thus don’t need to leave their nests. Because of this, active termites can infest your home for months or years before you realize it.

One of the biggest signs of a termite infestation is swarms. In the warm months, mature colonies send out winged reproductive adults called alates. These males and females perform a mating flight to pair off and create new nests. Moreover, alates don’t fly very far from their original nest and build new nests near their old homes. Compounding over time, termites spawn a massive network of satellite nests. The more satellite nests, the harder an infestation is to remove. If you see a large swarm of flying termites, it’s a good bet you have an infestation.

Here are other signs of subterranean termites:

  • Pinholes in drywall.
  • Rustling noises in walls.
  • Inexplicably damaged or rotting wood.
  • Warped walls, bucked floors, or other deformities in your house.
  • Termite sawdust (also called frass).
  • Mud tubes in the areas around your home. 

Why It Is So Hard To Get Rid Of Subterranean Termites On Your Estero Property

Getting rid of termites is extremely difficult because termite colonies are complex and spread rapidly around your entire home. That means over-the-counter termite controproducts like baits and sprays don’t usually work. These products don’t do much more than kill a few bugs or nests and fail to eliminate the whole population. After a DIY treatment, the surviving termites will breed and replace the destroyed parts of their colonies. With time, the infestation will muster to full strength again, and your home will remain with termites.

How Do Subterranean Termites Get Into Estero Homes?

Subterranean termites need moisture or contact with soil to survive. That means they get into your house through any wood touching the ground. Areas such as steps, railings, decks, and columns are where these pests are likely to invade through. Termites might also enter your home through foundation cracks or gaps in brick mortar. These pests will use any small gap, crack, or hole in your home's exterior to enter, making it easy for your property to develop a termite problem.

Who To Call About Subterranean Termites in Estero

If you already have an infestation, it’s vital to seek termite removal right away. Though you might be worried about the cost of termite treatment, every second that termites are in your home is a second they’re inflicting serious damage to it. When an infestation goes untreated, the cost of repairing the property damage it causes can soar above the cost of termite removal itself.

The good news is you can contact us here at Quest Termite & Pest Services. We’ve been offering effective and eco-friendly pest control to the Estero area for over 30 years, and termites are our specialty. If you’re ready to boot those destructive freeloaders out the door, our termite experts are just a click or call away. 

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