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Estero Homeowners' Guide To Effective Cockroach Control

January 15, 2023 - Cockroaches

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Cockroaches are one of Estero's most commonly found pests, and they can be a real nuisance. But how? If you're already dealing with these pains, you know the answer. The sooner you get rid of them, the better.

This guide will show you everything you need to know about cockroach pest control in Estero. We've got everything you need to get rid of cockroaches, from the types of roaches to the secret to cockroach extermination!

Types Of Roaches That Infest Estero Homes

There are different types of cockroaches commonly found in Estero homes, including:

  • German Cockroaches: These cockroaches are small, light brown, and have two dark stripes on their backs. German cockroaches typically live in kitchens and bathrooms, where they have easy access to food and water.

  • American Cockroaches: The American cockroach is large, red-brown, and has a yellowish figure eight on the back of its head. Basements, crawl spaces, and outdoor areas are common places to find this cockroach species in Estero.

  • Oriental Cockroaches: Oriental cockroaches have glossy bodies and are very dark brown to black in color. These roaches usually live in damp places such as basements and crawlspaces.

  • Smoky Brown Cockroaches: Slightly larger than German cockroaches and dark brown to black in color, these cockroaches must have water readily available as they are highly susceptible to dehydration. You can find them under shingles, garages, trees, shrubs, and sewer pipes.

  • Brown-Banded Cockroaches: As their name says, these roaches are brown with two light bands across their wing covers. They typically hang out in high places, like cabinets and closets.

No matter which type of cockroach you have in your Estero home, it's important to take steps to remove them right away.

Cockroaches Trigger Allergies And Spread Dangerous Diseases

Cockroaches are not only a nuisance, but they can also be dangerous. In addition to triggering allergies and asthma attacks, these creatures can also spread 33 different types of bacteria, six parasitic worms, and seven other human pathogens. 

Cockroaches spend a lot of time in decaying organic matter. Their spiny legs pick up a variety of germs that are then spread throughout your home. You don't need to come into contact with these insects to be susceptible to the dangers they carry, as they contaminate food and food preparation areas when they travel across surfaces. 

Five Effective Cockroach Prevention Tips For Around The House

There are a few things that you can do to prevent cockroaches from entering your home in the first place. Some of the best cockroach prevention tips include:

  1. Keep your home clean and free of food debris: Particularly in kitchens and other areas where food is prepared or consumed, it is important to store food properly and keep counters and floors clean.

  2. Repair any cracks or holes in your walls or floors: Even the tiniest gaps can let cockroaches into your home since they can squeeze into incredibly small spaces. You can help prevent cockroaches by sealing up these vulnerable spots.

  3. Store food in airtight containers: This will create a barrier that cockroaches cannot penetrate. Sealing food and keeping it out of reach makes your home less appealing to cockroaches and other pests.

  4. Keep your trash can clean and empty: Full trash cans attract cockroaches and other pests. Keeping both indoor and outdoor garbage cans covered and regularly emptied will further deter cockroaches.

  5. Reduce the clutter in your home: These bugs hide in clutter. Make your home less inviting to insects and easier to clean by reducing clutter.

These tips are a great way to minimize the chances of cockroaches in your home, but they will not be enough to rid your home of an existing population. Cockroach exterminators in Estero are the best way to prevent and eliminate this pest. 

The Secret To Total Cockroach Control For Estero Homes

The best way to get rid of cockroaches is to schedule a consultation with Quest Termite & Pest Services. Our professionals will be able to identify the source of your cockroach problem and target it with the most effective treatments.

Don't wait until your cockroach problem gets out of hand. Schedule a consultation with us today!

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Quest Termite & Pest Services received an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from 28 reviews.
Read Google Reviews

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