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Are The Spiders In Estero Dangerous?

December 15, 2021 - Spiders

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We may have all grown up singing nursery rhymes about spidersbut despite this, we all seemed to retain a healthy fear of these creepy-crawlies as we grew up. Now, as homeowners in Estero, we would prefer that these itsy-bitsy creatures did not crawl up our water spouts, and we especially would like them not to invade our homes.

Even though most of the spiders we come across in our homes are actually harmless, we still have a deeply ingrained instinct to be wary of them. There is always that fear we hold deep down, that asks, what if that spider is dangerous?

Common Spiders In Estero, FL

Spiders love warm environments, making our homes here in Estero, FL, especially appealing to them. The first step to protecting yourself from dangerous spiders is arming yourself with the facts about the spiders native to Estero. Here are some of the spiders you can expect to see in Estero:

  1. Cellar spider: Perhaps the most common spider, this bug has long, skinny legs, and is light brown. These are the spiders you find in your basement, weaving large, chaotic webs. These spiders are entirely harmless.

  2. Wolf spiders: Another common spider found in your home, these large, hairy creatures can reach up to 1 inch in length and typically have a tan stripe. They are known for not hanging out in webs. Despite their intimidating size and look, these spiders are also completely harmless.

  3. Brown recluse: Another common house spider, brown recluse spiders are well known for the violin-shaped marking on their dorsum. These brown house spiders can be anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 inch in length. Unfortunately, these spiders have necrotic venom, and their bites can be very dangerous to humans.

  4. Black widow: Famous for their large, black bulbous shape with the red hourglass marking on it, black widows are especially terrifying. This dangerous, venomous spider is common in Esteros and is known to take up residence in homes

All spiders have fangs, and all spiders have venom. However, fortunately for us humans, most spider venom does not exist to harm creatures that are too big for the spider to eat, so it does little to affect us other than cause an itchy, red bump on our skin.

Dangerous Spiders In Estero, FL

While most of the spiders we encounter on a daily basis are harmless, it is important to know when you are facing a dangerously venomous spider. Estero is home to both black widow spiders and brown recluses, considered to be two of the most venomous, and therefore dangerous, spiders in the country. Here are some ways to tell if you have interacted with either species:

  • Brown recluse: You may find these spiders hanging out in your yard, under rocks and logs, in woodpiles, and under general yard debris. They have adapted to survive long, hot months in your attic, and can survive months without food or water. If you are working in a hot, stuffy part of your house, or with debris in your yard, be on the lookout for these hairy creatures with violin-shaped markings. 

  • Black widow: While black widows do sometimes invade your home, they are more likely to infest your yard. If they are found in your home, they are more likely to be found in your garage or your basement, as they prefer cooler, dark areas. Black widows may make their homes in your woodpiles or fallen logs that haven’t been picked up, and they weave chaotic, sticky webs.

If you believe you have been bitten by either of these spiders, seek immediate medical attention.

How To Remove Spider Infestations In Your Estero Home

Because Estero is home to so many different kinds of venomous spiders, the best thing to do when you suspect you have a spider infestation is contact Quest Termite & Pest Services. Family-owned since 1999, we pride ourselves on our ability to safely and effectively identify and eradicate dangerous spider species from your home, ensuring the safety of your family and our expert technicians in the process. 

The fear of spiders exists for a reason — let the experts at Quest Termite & Pest Services face this battle for you!

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Quest Termite & Pest Services received an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from 28 reviews.
Read Google Reviews

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