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Acrobat Ants In Estero Can Be A Tricky Problem To Deal With

June 15, 2022 - Ants

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Acrobat ants, also known as the Saint Valentine ant, are one of the most common ants to invade Estero homes, businesses, and properties. These ants are primarily outdoor pests, but if conditions outdoors aren't ideal, they'll look to find a way indoors. 

 Acrobat ants are nuisance pests, meaning they don't pose any actual harm or threat, but their presence can be bothersome, especially if they're present in considerable numbers. Having this many ants can also attract other pests, whether in your home, business, or property. Ant pest control in Estero can help remove acrobat ants safely and effectively and ensure they don't return.

Read on to learn about where acrobat ants get their name and how to tell if you have acrobat ants on your property. We also provide information on what attracts acrobat ants to your property and how to keep these ants away for good.

Where Do Acrobat Ants Get Their Name?

Acrobat ants have a unique habit of lifting their abdomen over their head and body, giving the illusion of performing acrobatics; hence, the name "acrobat" ants. 

How To Tell If Acrobat Ants Are On Your Property

Acrobat ants are pretty small, with their bodies measuring just one-sixteenth to one-eighth of an inch. Regardless of their small stature, these pests tend to leave behind traces of their presence. The two most obvious signs of an acrobat ant infestation are:

  • Inside, ant trails are seen as acrobat ants build their nests in the voids between walls, inside insulation, and close to high-moisture areas, and visible trails signify they are foraging for food.

  • They leave debris left behind due to their nest-building behaviors, including pieces of foam insulation, bits of wood, and dead ants.

You may also experience an unpleasant odor akin to the smell of blue cheese or rotten coconut, which acrobat ants emit when they suspect danger and when they perish.

What Attracts Acrobat Ants?

Specific properties draw acrobat ants because of the resources available to them there. Here are two of the factors that attract acrobat ants the most:

  • Honeydew is not the fruit but a substance secreted by aphids (which are small) - sap-sucking bugs on which the ants feed.

  • Water-worn wood, including tree stumps, dead branches, and areas of wood damage and decay in your home.

Because acrobat ants are small, it can be challenging to spot them—and keep track of their whereabouts. Both outdoor ant control and ant control in your house can successfully remove all these ants, no matter how small they are, which is very challenging for homeowners and business owners to tackle.

How To Keep Acrobat Ants Away From Your Yard

The only way to effectively keep acrobat ants away from your Estero property is with the help of ant pest control services near you. 

Without intervention, an acrobat ant infestation will worsen as these pests attract other pests they fall prey to, leading to a more significant problem. Although these ants are outdoors, like all ants, they can contaminate food and surfaces with bacteria, such as salmonella, causing sickness.

Quest Termites & Pest Services is a local, family-owned pest control company with almost 25 years of experience providing Estero residents and business owners with ant control solutions. We pride ourselves on taking care of our clients' structural pest needs through inspection, proper identification, and treatments. We do this with environmentally friendly and pet-safe solutions.

For help with ants and other pests, call Quest Termites & Pest Services today. 

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Quest Termite & Pest Services received an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from 28 reviews.
Read Google Reviews

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